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I make a plan of my whole life, but i'm not strong enough to play by my own rules. Noone knows the choice I made, nobody is there who helps me crossing the line. 

I see the old photographys and wonder why this isn't still me. I miss my own me. 

This is not the way i want to go. I don't want to have to build walls around my heart. I wanna be like everyone else but i walk in the wrong direction and i can't turn around. 

I feel alone, when there's no new message on my phone. I'm captured in a world without any colour. Though i open my eyes i still only see my memories. The daydream has turned into a nightmare. 

I wanna wake up and feel the right floor underneath my feet. But i need someone who pulls me on the right way. I don't want to call this emptieness "my mind".

I don't want to loose the skill of loving. But I loose myself behind the fence around my mind. Bring me back to myself, 'cause i fall on the ground...

I must call "yesterday" better than "now"


3.11.15 21:03


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